Quantum Genius Biofeedback

This service is offered in person at 113 Marquesa Circle, Saint John´s Florida or at a distance through remote healing modalities.

Quantum Biofeedback Frequency is holistic blend of complementary and alternative healing modalities that addresses all levels of wellness including the physical, the mental, and the energetic.

A Quantum Genius Biofeedback session can give you important insight into both the chronic and acute causes of your personal health challenges and give you the coherent frequencies you need to move into the direction of health, vitality and healing.

Understanding BioFeedback and Energy Medicine

The Quantum Genius BioFeedback System is the latest technological breakthrough in the field of Advanced Biofeedback & Bioresonance.  The system reads your energetic field through a powerful voice engine technology using the latest technology in spectral voice analysis. This system of analysis was originally developed at MIT to establish where there are energy imbalances in the body, mind, or spirit that can then be balanced and harmonized using subtle frequencies which assist the body’s own healing abilities.

Energy medicine is considered to be the therapeutic use of frequencies. The frequencies or energy could be produced by a variety of technologies or modalities. In the case of practices such as Reiki, humans produce this frequency and use mental intention to direct it to others. When we are exposed to frequencies, we are influenced by them. This is known as resonance. Human systems, including hormones, neurotransmitters and others are responding constantly to the frequency communications in the body.

We are also influenced by many external frequencies. These can be positive or negative in their effects on the body. In Dr. Emoto’s work, we know that when water is influenced by classical music playing, the water takes on an organized crystalline structure. When we are exposed to positive frequencies in biofeedback we are affected in a similar way to the water. We are influenced by these positive frequencies and our cells form a coherent structure. The vitality of the body improves as well. This is the reason for running frequencies in biofeedback.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla

How Do The Frequencies In Genius Biofeedback Work?

The sophisticated voice engine software in the Genius Insight assesses the qualities of your voice and image using fast fourier algorithms originally developed by MIT. It then converts that information to a wave form that can be interpreted by the Genius Insight as frequency. This frequency is compared to various Hz frequencies in the Genius database. These frequencies range from 0-10,000 Hz. A working knowledge of the coherent frequencies of organs, chakras, meridians and other known frequencies is then used to program the frequencies stored within the Genius and used in the various panels.

The key to this spectrum and healing is to understand that all of these waves interact with each other. In Quantum wellness, we look to see how these waves are interacting (are they creating cohesion or dissonance?) and then use a vibrational healing modality (ie sound or light) to harmonize them. Many cultures around the world have been doing this for thousands of years like Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. In western cultures, many of these modalities have become mainstream but we are also just now beginning to have the technology needed to perform rigorous scientific research we base our evidence on.  

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is the information from the Genius accurate?

Yes, but BioFeedback is not a diagnostic tool for a medical condition or disease. Its only function is to identify where there is reactivity in the energy field, and then feed back frequencies that can assist in clearing the reactivity. The role of biofeedback is to harmonize your frequency so that it is loud and clear. Reducing reactivity often results in more vitality, energy, and clarity of mind.

What can I expect in my first Quantum Genius Biofeedback session?

When you select an in-person session, you will enter my healing space and we will take a voice and image imprint and upload them to the Genius BioFeedback system. You’ll then spend 5 minutes on the Lymphatic Machine prior to heading to the healing table which is equipped with a Platinum Photon Advanced PEMF Mat that delivers far-infrared, negative ion, PEMF and photon light therapy with the most advanced gemstone heat therapy. While we position you comfortably on the mat and select a program. We will identify options to have additional crystals and essential oils to begin your session. Pending the intention of your session, we have the ability to utilize the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) coil.

The use of the PEMF coil takes the sound frequencies played through the Genius Software are then amplified via the custom designed amplifier and the coil delivers the amplified frequencies via pulsed electromagnetic field throughout the body. The PEMF and sound frequencies assist in tuning cells back to their natural resonance to create harmony and homeostasis.

We typically begin with an overall balance of the Body, BioField and Mind. These are the natural health testing panels and we gain an overall sense of where you are energetically in relation to these issues. We then dig deeper into the system and look at the Custom Libraries (over 1400) and assess your BioTerrain Scan, your NeuroCohesion scan and any other custom libraries based upon the session intention. The frequencies from the genius are used to create more harmony and resonance in your life. The technology works through entraining these frequencies into your energetic field. Everything in nature is self-organizing and as humans we are part of this system. We are overflowing with energy so the body can use correct information and frequencies to optimize health. The GENIUS INSIGHT system offers chakra frequencies, meridian frequencies, weight loss protocols, stress solutions, aura field and so much more while diving deep into any other issues you might want to address.

After your session you will be provided with customized exports that you will be able to download to your Quanta Capsule. You’ll be able to play these export panels for the next seven days. We will recommend specific times to play each export that you receive. Because there is a great deal of energy moved during a session, you’ll be given Ionized water to drink. Drinking 8 ounces of water following the session is always recommended.

How do remote Biofeedback sessions work?

When you book a session you have the option to set up a remote session. When you select a “remote” session it means you do not need to physically be in my healing room. Rather you will utilize something called a “Quanta Capsule” to upload your voice and image imprint and send it to me to do the analysis. 

If it is your first time booking a remote biofeedback session I will walk you through this process – while it may sound complicated, I assure you that it is a very simple process on your end.

The Quanta Capsule allows us to connect so that I can print your image and holographically & energetically link you to the session. Once you are linked, we then follow the remainder steps that are spelled out in the in-person session.


I loved my remote session with Laura. She paired the Genius with the Coil device. I enjoyed the whole session. I could feel the pleasant energy of remote frequencies. I felt recharged and my brain cleared immediately. Gotta love that!

Rosemary Bourne

Laura frequency work has helped me tremendously! She helped stop my migraine after nothing else worked for 2 months. Once I started to work with her, the next day my migraine was gone!

I am now doing her 16 weeks program. I am sleeping better. I have more energy. I feel better. I have even lost 5 pounds while not even trying to do anything different.

Debbie Hall

For me regaining muscle was important and over past two weeks of working with Laura I have noticed a def improvement in strength plus an improvement in muscle on an old injury site.

I have identified foods that I need to eliminate and there is progress in cleaning up foods that don’t serve me well. 

The Quanta Capsul panels that Laura sends to me sets me up for each day. I’m in a routine of playing before I go out… this has created an inner calm despite the chaos in the world.

Romani Jo De Morgan

I am in one of the best mental places I have ever been in.

I’m feeling like a fierce woman, in the same body. My body positivity is waaaaay improved, which will help with losing weight and keeping it off!

Shelly Marie Lucas