Stem Cell Activity

Declines Significantly As We Age.

This is why I choose LifeWave X39.

By age 35 our stem cell activity will have declined by more than 50%.

By age 60 we will have lost almost all of it.

Activate your stem cells

with the X39 LifeWave Patch

The human body emits infrared light, Lifewave patches use organic crystals to reflect this light back into the body to stimulate the body´s natural healing systems.

This process, called photobiomodulation, increases GHK-Cu, a copper peptide in the body which in turn activates stem cells.

Lifewave Patches are the only non-invasive, wearable,

stemcell activation product on the market.


Experience the Benefits of the X39 for yourself….

  • Increased Strength
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Rapid Wound Healing
  • Increased Sports Performance & Recovery
  • Restored Muscle or Skeletal Conditions

The Science Behind x39

LifeWave products have more than 90 clinical studies which have been performed on our patches.

Eight separate studies demonstrate that our leading X39 patches effectively boost the production of copper peptides in the bloodstream. This enhancement can enhance tissue regeneration, promote the growth of blood vessels and nerves, and contribute to healthier skin.