Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

This service is offered in person at 113 Marquesa Circle, Saint John´s Florida or at a distance through remote healing modalities.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a powerful holistic therapy that balances the pH of the body using medium intensity magnets.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy stimulates normal system functions, increases circulation and oxygenation, stimulates detoxification pathways, normalizes the body’s inflammatory response, and helps release emotional traumas held deep in the body’s memory. It is thought that pH imbalances can accumulate and combine to create an environment susceptible to the development of disease.

How Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Works

Biomagnetism begins with the identification of pH imbalances in the body using a gentle, noninvasive method called Bioenergetic Scanning. Once these specific points are found in different organs and/or tissue, magnets are applied in pairs to correct the imbalances. The negative and positive charges balance the pH, eliminating the overly acidic or alkaline environment. Once pH balance is restored, the disease is no longer supported by the body, usually resulting in the problem disappearing.  

According to medical biomagnetism, which was discovered by Mexican doctor Isaac Goiz in 1988 (with the help of Richard Broeringmeyer, NASA Chief Medical in the 1980s), a large number of complex diseases including cancer are associated with changes in the pH level in the internal organs and with the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins, and other harmful factors. On the other hand, the development of illness cannot develop with a balanced pH level, and biomagnetic pair therapy aims to restore pH balance.

Pathogens appear when there are distortions in the pH level. A body that is too acidic (hyperacidity / low pH) is prone to viral and fungal infection and degenerative processes. A body that is too alkaline (hyper-alkalinity / high pH) is subject to inflammation, swelling, pain, and bacterial and parasitic infections. Taking the understanding of pH in the body a step further, we can see that the process of pH imbalance begins at the cellular level with the exchange of ions through the membrane. This bioelectric act occurs in all the cells of the body. If we take a blood sample, eliminate the fluid until we have only the red blood cells left and then apply a magnet, we can see in the microscope how the cells turn and point in one direction – the magnet polarizes the cell’s ions. 

In other words, if we correct the ionic alteration through the use of magnets specially placed on the body through biomagnetic therapy the local pH may be neutralized, changing the environment from a pathogen-friendly one to one it cannot survive in. In this manner, biomagnetic therapy is considered an excellent therapy in effectively restoring the biological terrain (internal milieu), and aiding in the neutralization and elimination of viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections that are often thought of as initiating factors in many modern diseases and conditions.

The location and placement of these biomagnetic pairs were clinically defined by Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD, over the past twenty years. He has identified, by pathogenetic codes, more than 250 biomagnetic pairs that correspond to the majority of diseases and dysfunctions. The coupled magnetic placement areas have been found to be energetically connected and placement of one positive polarity (indicated by red on the magnet face) and one negative polarity (indicated by black on the magnet face) magnet on the body for approximately 15 – 20 minutes is capable of reestablishing the acidic-alkaline balance. Complex conditions may require multiple pairs to improve pH balance. 

BioMagentic Therapy Sessions at a Distance

Distance Healing is possible anytime, anywhere, and wherever you are in the world. It is particularly valuable if you are unable to visit in person or need to leave your home due to illness or other restrictions.

When you book a remote session you will receive a BioMagetic Pair Therapy Session which is proven to be safe and effective even when preformed at a distance.

We will connect on Zoom at the beginning of the session so that we can discuss your issues and I can gain an understanding of how you are feeling physically and emotionally Once, our initial call is completed, I ask you to hang up and find a comfortable place to be relaxed. Often, I ask you to be grounded to mother earth as much as possible and wear natural fibers on your body.

I then holographically & energetically link you to the session. Once you are linked, I will complete a full body distance scan of your body using muscle testing and either a volunteer or a linked surrogate for your body. As I scan your body, I ask that you relax and think only about our session and think of positive healing and balancing. I place magnets on the surrogate just as if I were placing them on you. Your magnets will stay on for a full circuit of time lasting 20 minutes from the last magnet placed. I’ll incorporate the use of Reiki energy and symbolism during these treatments to empower them further. We will connect again later that day or next as you may have fallen asleep during the session (which is fine, helpful actually) to review and follow up after the session.   

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a non-invasive, holistic option for anyone looking to feel empowered about their health.

I have not had experience with Bio Magentism prior to my session with Laura. Going into it, I was not attached to any particular outcome, hoping however, to find some emotional release and help with my chronic pain that has burden me for many years.

Laura was very gentle and kind. I was very comfortable telling Laura about what I’ve been going through . She truly listened and together we worked out a plan on how I can heal my body with BioMagentism.

Since my sessions with Laura I wake up the next day with less pain and anxiety. I am so grateful! 

Ann Beck