Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy

This service is offered only in person at 113 Marquesa Circle, Saint John´s Florida. If you are looking for distance biomagnetic therapy please go to the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy page.

Biomagnetic Adjustment is a non-invasive, holistic option for anyone looking to feel empowered about their health.

Our Bodies are Electromagnetic.

Biomagnetic Adjustment Therapy is a very specific magnet therapy that exclusively uses the Northern polarity of the magnets. The Northern polarity has been long-known for the benefits for the body such as negative ions, increasing alkalinity & reducing inflammation-much like the benefits you get when standing barefoot on the ground. Our bodies are electromagnetic and the magnets work with your body on a cellular level to address the electrical condition of a complaint so that the body can resume a healthy circuiting.  The adjustment results in the body being in an optimal, balanced condition so that it can return to homeostasis. A body in homeostasis has the greatest potential for healing itself. .

Biomagnetic Adjustment magnets operate on a cellular level to restore your body’s electrical balance, helping it return to homeostasis for improved health and self-healing.

How it Works

The Bio-Magnetic Adjustment Modality is a simple method of biomagnetic therapy using only the northern polarity of a clean, safe gauss, therapeutic grade magnet to relieve inflammation and acidity in the body. This results in balanced pH levels and an alkaline environment, or homeostasis, which is defined as all components (cells, muscles, systems, etc.) of a body working together to function normally. Each session focuses on a particular problem or symptom you are experiencing and balancing the pH level in the problem area. We find your poly-synaptic muscular response to find the exact location and how long the magnets should rest on your body to balance the pH to normal alkaline levels.

What Makes This Magnet Therapy Different? 

Unlike other biomagnetic therapies, this therapy uses the northern polarity of a clean magnet. By using the negative side only, we are able to neutralize positive charges in the body, resulting in an alkaline environment. The magnets are clean: I immediately clean them after each use and keep them fully charged so that each client has the most effective session possible – you will never see a magnet passed from one person’s body to another. Our magnets are sourced naturally, they have never been used before or recycled from questionable locations like sewers or chemical plants. Also, I use a safe gauss (strength) to ensure that we never put our clients in a situation where a magnet could cause harm. The environment during each session is filled with negative ions, resulting in relaxation and clean air – some clients are even known to fall asleep! After every session the room, tables, and chairs are cleaned and made ready for the next person. In most cases, unless you ask for special accommodation, you are the only person in the room during your session. 

What Happens During a BioMagnetic Adjustment Therapy Session?

If it is your first time working with Alkaline, your first session will be about getting to know about you, your health history, and any questions you may have about BioMagnetic Therapy, followed by your first treatment. During your treatment session you will be able to relax on our massage table and breathe in the negative ions in the room. Music is softly played in the background if requested. No worries, you will be fully clothed, although we will ask you to remove your shoes. Natural clothing such as linen or cotton is preferred

I will then conduct a series of muscle testing (polysynaptic responses), locating via yes and no questions the pinpoint locations on your body that would receive the most benefit from a balanced pH level. Next, I will begin placing clean, therapeutic grade magnets on your body in the location as indicated by your muscle testing. While you rest, your body begins working immediately, using the negative charges of the magnets to neutralize the positive charges in the indicated area, balancing your pH naturally and effectively. Further muscle testing will allow me to find what may have caused the imbalance. At the end of your treatment, I will go over what was achieved during your session and what to work on when you return. When working on a specific symptom and high level of pH imbalance, weekly/biweekly sessions are highly encouraged. You will be informed at the end of your visit when the best time for you to return for a session will be.  

I have not had experience with Bio Magentism prior to my session with Laura. Going into it, I was not attached to any particular outcome, hoping however, to find some emotional release and help with my chronic pain that has burden me for many years.

Laura was very gentle and kind. I was very comfortable telling Laura about what I’ve been going through . She truly listened and together we worked out a plan on how I can heal my body with BioMagentism.

Since my sessions with Laura I wake up the next day with less pain and anxiety. I am so grateful! 

Ann Beck